In the Event of an Emergency

  • Listen to your radio. If you have a Weather Radio, it is backed up with batteries. The Weather Radio is now broadcasting significant public awareness events besides the weather, like Amber Alerts.
  • If the TV is working and the event is significant to New York City, the Mayor of New York will broadcast information on the major television networks and the New York City website if possible.
  • Learn what it means to Shelter in Place, and be prepared to do so if requested. (You can find out how to do this by looking on the Preparedness links to the right or have information sent to you by calling 311.
  • Activate your family plan and ensure their safety. Do NOT go to your children's school until directed to do so, as they have a plan in place to keep your children safe. Roadways, like phone lines, need to be kept clear.
  • If you belong to a Neighborhood Watch, activate your plan to check on each other, neighborhood hazards and those in our community that are more vulnerable and may need assistance, i.e. handicapped, senior citizens and those who do not speak English.