Permitting on Roosevelt Island

The Roosevelt Island Permits Department strives to schedule opportunities for growth by permitting an array of diverse programs and events that promote recreational, community, environmental, and personal development.

Permitted locations on Roosevelt Island have different guidelines and permitting schedules. 

Helpful hints to expedite your permit:

Navigating the permitting process is easy- with the help of a few tips:

If you're looking to reserve a field or facility, you can check availability here.

Once you've confirmed availability, you can click one of the links above to be directed to the appropriate permit application.

Remember, the times you are permitted for are the times IN and OUT of a space.  If you're permitted from 4pm to 6pm, that means you can start setting up at 4pm, and you must be broken down and out of a space by 6pm.  

Submit a completed permit application, and allow 10 business days for processing.


ALL PERMITS REQUIRE A CERTIFICATE OF LIABILITY.  If you already have one, great!  If not, you should wait to secure one until you receive a confirmation of your request.  RIOC does not provide these certificates- an internet search for "event liability insurance" will provide guidance.  Always shop around and compare quotes.

Your certificate must have at least $1 million in general liability.

Five entities must be listed as additional insured:  RIOC, New York State, New York City, Empire State Development, NY State Housing and Community Renewal.