Races / Charity Walks

Due to the numerous construction projects currently taking place/scheduled for the near future on the island, RIOC will be permitting 5K races only, with total participant amounts under 1000.  Applications will be accepted May 1, 2019 for races permitted June 1 through December 31.  Two races will be permitted per month.    

Roosevelt Island hosts numerous 5K races throughout the year. Public Safety-approved courses are almost completely confined to the island seawalls, which are vehicle-free. This ensures a safe and fun experience for runners and walkers!  

$2500 for non-profit events (documentation must be provided)
$5000 for competitive for-profit events

Fees include use of the roadways, seawalls, and Southpoint Park from 6am to noon on the day of the permitted event.  They also include Public Safety assistance, escorts at the front and rear of your participants along the course, and an event manager from RIOC.  Event organizers must provide porta potties and Emergency Medical Services.