Membership Card Info

Each registered participant will be given a Youth Center Member Card on a bracelet key ring, which they will be required to carry each day to and from the Center. These cards contain a bar code and ID number linked to the Sportspark facility system (the same cards used by Sportspark programming members).

Upon entry and departure from the center, participants will scan their card at the west lobby front desk. Each child will have his/her photo taken during the first time scanning, which will be uploaded to the system to ensure they are logging in with their own ID. Children will not be able to scan other participants into or out of the Center. Participants will be expected to scan each time they come in and out of the Center on a given day.

It will be the responsibility of each participant to hold and bring their member cards. While cards can be replaced, bracelets cannot. Participants losing bracelets will have to find an alternate key chain or other attachment to hold their Member Card. 

Feel free to contact us at 212-593-2400 or with any questions. 

Member ID bracelet (3)