Indoor Athletics Footwear Required!                                            

  • All ages and skill levels are welcome to step on our official-sized hardwood courts for open gym, pickup soccer, volleyball and basketball.

  • Scheduled pickup play throughout the week for adults, including 16+, as well as kids under 15. Who's got next?!

  • Outside of scheduled events, the court is available for open play. You can always shoot hoops or find a game of 21, 2-on-2 or even a run of 5-on-5. Let it rain!

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Gym Dec 11th

Basketball Pick Up Rules

  1. Half-court pickup is always make it-take it.
  2. Games to 11 win by 2. Games are first to 11 and you must win by 2 points or first to 15 wins.
  3. Play by 1’s and 2’s. Shots taken inside the 3-point line count as 1 point and those taken outside the 3-point line count as 2. 
  4. Respect the facilities. No Food! Water and sports drinks are OK. Be mindful of trash. Do not play in outside shoes. 
  5. No full-court basketball with less than 10 players.
  6. Call your own fouls and respect all calls. There are no free throws. If you get fouled call it “foul”. “And 1” is not a foul call. You came to play basketball, not officiate. 
  7. There’s no charging calls or timeouts.
  8. Any disputes are settled by shooting for it. From time to time, there are going to be calls that aren’t obvious. Two opposing players reaching for a ball going out of bounds, a big dispute over a foul call. Whatever the case, the way to decide it is by shooting for it from the top of the three point line. If the player shooting it makes it, then they're right. If they miss, they're wrong.
  9. Winners stay, losers sit. The team that wins the game stays on the court. The losers sit. Whoever called “next” gets the next game.
  10. Rule #10: Have Fun! Everyone is here to have a good time!

*These rules are offer as a guideline for open play pick up basketball.