What is Sportspark?

Owned and operated by the Roosevelt Island Operating Corporation, Sportspark is a 44,300 square foot athletic complex with a regulation size basketball court, ½ sized Olympic swimming pool, fitness center complete with a weight room, recreational room with several tabletop games and lounge-style seating, and a group fitness studio 

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1. What is Sportspark?
2. What are your regular hours?
3. What are your holiday hours?
4. Where is Sportspark located?
5. Is there parking available?
6. How can I get to Sportspark?
7. How do I enter the facility?
8. Can I bring food or drink into Sportspark?
9. Who needs to be supervised at Sportspark?
10. How can I get a key fob? And how much is a replacement if I lose it?
11. Do I need to bring my own lock?
12. Can I leave my belongings in the locker room overnight?
13. Where is your lost and found located? And how can you ensure that a lost item is returned to its rightful owner?